Thursday, April 16, 2009


Bandar (IIT student) caught hacking a girl’s account. CID investigation on.

Naman Somani
16-04-09, Chennai

In a shocking turn of events, an IIT Madras student, Bandar (20) was found guilty of hacking an innocent girl’s account and misusing it, sending indecent and vulgar messages to people through her account. The incident forced the girl to take her case to the CID. On Sunday afternoon, after few days of investigation done on the part of CID, they finally made the breakthrough and got the email id of the culprit. They made contact with him and I got the chat between the investigation dept. officer and Bandar,

Bandar: hii
renu: hi, may I know your contact no?
Bandar: who r u? r u renu??
renu: guy yr id is under investigation? do u know that
pl reply me who r u
Bandar: I’m Bandar, anything else u want to know and whose under investigation??
renu: sure, whr r u chatting from and how do u know renu?
Bandar: 1st tell me who r u??
renu: i m investigation dept. how do u renu?
Bandar: kk
f@#* off! go n do investigation
renu: bull s!*^. Be ready. CID is behind u
Bandar: yaa sure
renu: saale I will not spare u
Bandar: ha i m waiting for u. when the f@#* r u coming? if u r girl then com alone.
renu: my dear son. wt your father is commig
Bandar: at least improve ur English, otherwise do not talk in English.
{End of Chat}

Finally when Bandar found himself cornered, he started pleading to girl’s brother for whatever he did.
A part of the telephonic conversation between the two is as follows;
Bandar: Hello yaar meri baat sun.
Dabbu: Why did you do this?
Bandar: Arey yaar mene kuch nahin kiya
Dabbu: Dekh CID ne tujhe identify kar liya he as the hacker, ab mein kuch nahin kar sakta.
Bandar: Abey yaar please meri baat maan mene kuch nahi kiya, mein kisi ki bhi kasam khaane ko tayaar hun, apni bhi.
Abey dekh mere career ka sawaal he tu mere saath essa mat kar.
Dabbu: Tune voh vulgar message maarne se pehle socha nahin ki tu kya kar raha he. Ab bhugat tere kiye ki sajaa.

Bandar is missing after this serious chain of events, and the investigation about the motivation for committing this crime is being worked upon.
I will update you with the latest news about this horrendous incident and will uncover the reason behind this act of shame. Till then this is Naman Somani signing off. And ‘Beware! There are many more “Bandar” waiting for their chance in your neighborhood’.

*Names of the people involved have been changed to maintain privacy.
*Name of the department has been changed in order to give resemblance of reputation to the case.


  1. And what about the 15K reward that "Bandar" got for turning himself in? You didn't mention that!

  2. @manu: I'll prefer if you refrain yourself from using indecent language. Thanks for the comment though.
    @whitelighter: That will be the end of the story, it's still on.

  3. yaar woo feal nai aayi, tu kuch jyada hi journalistic ho gaya hai, might be due to much of your involvement with 50th '4th Estate'

  4. @andyatiitm
    Ab yaar tujhe toh "feal" tabhi aayegi jab writing style bahut bekar ho aur language aur bhi zyada. Sahi bola na?
    Ab waise toh Naman ko likhna nahi aata, even though usne TFE mein kuch nahi kiya.

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  7. Hi Dear, though i did not get the i am an outsider...good to see you writing.
    Keep it regular...